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Yes, its possible to make your carpet look and feel new again. You can even erase all evidence of kids, pets, and random spills with a little DIY know-how. Youll need to plan ahead if youre going to shampoo your carpet in order to allow for drying : time. From vacuuming to shampooing, , follow these steps to fall back in love with your carpeting: Dish soap and detergent solutions are also sometimes used to clean carpet stains. If liquid soap of any kind is not entirely extracted from carpeted surfaces, it will leave behind a residue. This residue will then attract surrounding dirt in the carpet and will attract dirt easier in the future. If you find yourself frequently trying to get your carpets clean, I highly recommend mixing up a batch of my DIY carpet stain remover spray! Featuring powerful cleaners like white vinegar and borax, it’s an effective all-purpose carpet cleaning solution that will help you deep clean just about any stain.local chem dryRobert Harris started working his way through law school in the 1970s as a carpet cleaner working for a different carpet cleaning company. He quickly became unsatisfied with the performance of available cleaning products and began 6Ld0J8IcAAAAANyrnxzrRlX1xrrdXsOmsepUYosy , researching a better solution. Harris research stretched into many years of , studying the chemical properties and reactions of a variety of cleaning formulas combined with experimentation that required him to continually clean carpets with a succession of cleaning formulations. The process was similar to how Edison tried a hundred times to build the perfect light bulb before he succeeded. We had an excellent service with Chem-Dry of Long Beach. We called to schedule and they were able to come out within a couple days. Sean the technician came out and he was on time and very professional and outgoing. All the stains came out and the carpets still look incredible after a week. They dried within 2 hours. The price for our 3 bedrooms was very reasonable. There were no extra charges that they tried to add on. I would for sure use the chem-dry for our next cleaning service. 8211 Roger H.window and house washingWhether you’re in the midst of spring cleaning or hoping to sell your home, window cleaning can instantly improve the exterior appearance of your house. A-1 Window Cleaning is here to make your windows shine! We have the experience, the resources, , the know-how, and the dedication to excellence to offer top-notch pressure-washing services to all homeowners and business owners in the area. I used Todd and his crew to have the house cleaned, gutters cleaned. sidewalks, patio, and deck. Unbelievable job, everything looks new, and they were professional and it took much less time than myself doing it, and much safer. No longer getting up on ladders trying to do it myself. Highly recommend clear as glass, I will be a repeat customer for sure. These guys are amazing. They are able to clean windows, blinds, siding, driveways, decking, and they will make custom fitted Christmas lights with annual installation and take down! Our property management business relies on the gutter cleaning to prevent soil erosion and foundation settling of our owner's properties saving them Thousands in potential foundation repairs. We highly recommend them and love being able to support a locally owned business. """""""



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